Invincible at the Start Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 博易动漫
Artist 博易动漫
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Invincible at the Start

Already Invincible at the Beginning, Invincible at the Start, Kaiju Jiu Wudi, Kāijú Jiù Wúdí, Từ Lúc Bắt Đầu Liền Vô Địch, 仙界転生記〜異世界でハーレム王になる〜, 开局就无敌, 開局就無敵

Synopsis Invincible at the Start

“Ding! The host has activated the Field of Invincibility! You will be unbeatable as long as you remain within the field!” A shut-in by the name of Chen Chang’an was transported into a fantasy world, and he swore not to leave the Field of Invincibility until he became an immortal after being endlessly pursued by countless demons and monsters. In the meantime, while he was bored, he took in a few cute and adorable disciples. He accidentally turned them into big shots of the cultivation world and turned it upside down.Original Webcomic:

Chapter Invincible at the Start


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